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By Steve Snowdon (Jul 25 2011, 9:11 AM)
ARBLEX daughters are now calving down on their 2nd lactation, very impressed with those that I have seen so far, fantatic udders and again flowing on from their first lactation with plenty of milk. They are also holding body condition well, which is a huge bonus.

It is worth noting that the facial eczema outbreak in Gippsland early this year resulted in some ARBLEX daughters being effected. This may have had a small impact on his first proof. Meaning that his first proof may have been even higher had these daughters not been effected.
ARBLEX is a young sire that could well improve his APR rating when second crop daughters are added to his proof.
By Sam Graham (Aug 21 2011, 7:22 PM)
Great to see his proof stay solid with the August ABV's. He is out of the best Christianborg cow we have bred at Beaulands, from the Lady family. The Great-great-granddam was the first heifer at Beaulands to produce over 30 litres/day. All 4 generations since have produced over 30 litres/day at good protein %'s. The dam also had a lot of capacity with a top udder, so it is exciting to see he has a top rating for type as well.
We look forward to seeing more ARBLEX daughters in the future and hearing how they go in different herds.
All the best to everyone using him in their breeding programs.
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