Registrating Cattle

Registration of Aussie Reds


Australian Red Dairy Breed Register

Registration Eligibility and Promotion Criteria (June 2015)


Registered ARDB animals must have at least one registered parent from one of the following red dairy breeds: ARDB (Aussie Red), Ayrshire, Dairy/Milking Shorthorn, Illawarra, Angler, Norwegian Red, Swedish Red, Danish Red, Red and White Holstein.

Animals submitted should be predominantly red, red and white, or roan. Because, some of the foundation breeds carry black markings, the range of acceptable colours includes minor dark shading. Registration applications for predominantly black females will be accepted, but their name will end with a “B” suffix. There is no need to add the “B” if a female’s colour changes from red to black with maturity. Predominantly black bulls are not eligible for registration.

Animals entered for breed sales or exhibition and brood cows should have minimal black colouring and should not carry the “B” suffix.

Red and White Holstein content does not preclude registration, but animals with more than one Red and White Holstein ancestor in the first three generations of their pedigree, must have that fact noted in any advertising material.  This satisfies the Red Breed goal of limiting Red and White Holstein content to 12.5%.

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Holstein Australia

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