Model Cow Description

Model Cow Description, effective 12 January 2022:

An ARDB cow should exhibit a calm nature coupled with a strong motivation to forage and ruminate, with inbuilt resilience. A cow that strives to meet the sustainable and environmental needs of the future.


Her outward appearance should avoid extremes, combining vigour and robustness with a strong will to milk, flawless reproductive performance, and strong resistance to all diseases.


She must move freely and ​be able to walk long distances with ease on correct feet and legs ​throughout her daily routine and efficiently convert forage into high quality ​component rich milk. ​She must also be capable of maintaining a 365-day calving interval, calving easily without assistance for many years, displaying extreme longevity. 


These ​resilient characteristics should also be evident in young calves, enabling them to attain target growth rates and correct bodyweight at first calving.



What is the objective of the Australian Red Dairy Breed?

“To breed healthy, productive, feed efficient, genetically diverse, highly fertile dairy cows that are capable of producing and surviving under a wide range of production systems and environments.”



Below are two examples of Aussie Red Cows that demonstrate our Model Cow Description.