Sourcing Quality Genetics



Four great ways to introduce profitable red genetics into your herd

1. Proven Australian Red Bulls

The ABV's continue to show the strength and depth of Australian Proven Red Bulls. Both Australian Born Proven Red Bulls and Overseas Red Bulls with Australian daughters regularly make the Good Bulls Guide. To make the best use of these proven bulls contact their marketing agents. Contact Genetics Australia, John Harle, (07) 38180564 and Viking Genetics, Anna Norgren, 0488058707.


2. Overseas Daughter Proven and Genomic Red Bulls

The Australian Red Breed Committee advisers interested AB companies about which red genetics from around the world would help you enhance the genetic merit of your herd. VIKING Genetics is the marketing agents for bulls from Sweden, Denmark and Finland. ABS is the marketing agent for bulls from Norway. GGI is the marketing agent for bulls from Germany. Again, to make the best use of these proven and genomic bulls in your herd, contact their marketing agents.

3. Australian Red Progeny Test Semen

Progeny test semen is a great way to increase the genetic potential of your herd. Under the guidance of the Australian Red Breed, bulls with elite genetic merit based on genomic markers are selected to participate in our progeny test scheme. Progeny test semen can be purchased from participating AB companies, including Genetics Australia and AUZRED XB.

 Dam of ARBAbbott, 2014 Progeny Test Bull

4. Cross Breeding

Aussie Reds are ideal to use in a cross breeding program to increase your herds performance in low heritable traits such as daughter fertility and health. To make the best use of cross breeding you need to select the best proven bulls available to use in your herd. For further information about cross breeding, contact our crossbreeding consultant Steve Snowdon 0417138508

Danish Red x Holstein Cross Bred daughter bred in Australia