Public Exhibition and Marketing Aussie Reds
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#1 Public Exhibition and Marketing Aussie Reds
By Daniel Cochrane (Aug 01 2011, 8:05 PM)
Today the Illawarra and Southern Branch agreed to allow the showing of Aussie Reds and their annual spring fair tone held in Berry NSW in mid October which coincides with the Illawarra Society Federal meetings. Michael Riggs laid down a challenge ton the Illawarra Society about recognition of Aussie Red PT bulls and their equivalent status in the Illawarra recognition of breed identity. The show ring, the on farm competitions and exhibition of Aussie Reds to the dairying community is a way to dismiss notions that Aussie Reds have the necessary type and temprement that not only Illawarra breeders desire but the whole dairying community wants in an alternative to Holsteins and Jerseys. The Illawarra and Southern branch today possibly lays the next move on any possible almagamtion back in the Aussie Reds camp to make the next move.
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