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#1 Longevity
By ARDB Progeny Test (Sep 11 2011, 7:21 PM)
Who are the sires of the 10 year old cows in your herd ? Please list the bulls that have helped increase the longevity in your herd, so we can look for them in the pedigrees of our future progeny test teams.
#2 Longevity
By Beaulands (Sep 13 2011, 1:15 PM)
We are milking some 10 year old Christianborgs, Hulans and Stopafors' at the moment. We have also just had some 10 year old Torp882s, Abrus, Tbrunos and Torlands become ELITE cows. Previous to that we had a few Ekes704 and Fredvangs become ELITE cows.Also, our oldest FynAks cows are 9 y.o. at the moment and dont look like slowing down. We would highly recommend all these bulls in pedigrees to improve longevity in Aussie Reds.
#3 Longevity
By Waikato farm (Dec 05 2011, 5:20 PM)
Just had a look at ours there are 10yr olds still in milk of Torpane,Stensjo,Backgard,ArbDundas,ArbLawrenece,Stopafors plus 9yr olds of Arbbarton,Arbfisher and FynAks all still cycling and been mated again.
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