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Australian Red AI Sires - April 2022

Following the lastest ABV release from DataGene earlier in April, the ARDB have updated their list of Australian Red bulls available from a number of AI companies. 

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Top LTE scores in 2021

Congratulations to all the Australian Red Dairy Farmers who achieved a Linear Trait Evaluation on 2 year old cows sired by UU coded bulls of 82 or above. These published results are well above the breed average score of 80. For a list of all these exceptional results here

Excellent Classification Results in 2021

Congratulations to Mike Green and Terry & Shannon Blasche for achieving Excellent classification results in 2021.  For results here

2021 Victorian On Farm Challenge Results

The Results of the 2021 Australian Red Victorian On Farm Challenge were announced at the Red Tie Dinner, held in Warrnambool in January 2022.

We would like to sincerely thank Erik Thompson for taking the time and effort to judge the competition, and to Viking Genetics for sponsoring the competition. 

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2021 Mid Year and 2022 AGM Chairman's Report

Chairman Samuel Graham's Report .... click here

Tasmanian Red OFC 2021

Congratulations to all the class winners and placegetters. To view top placings here

Australian Red AI Sires - December 2021

Following the last ABV release from DataGene for 2021, the ARDB have updated their list of Australian Red bulls available from a number of AI companies. 

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Genetics Australia's NSW Red OFC 2021

Congratulations to all the Class Winners and Placegetters. For the top 4 placegetters and comments from judge Hayley Boyd here

Australian Red Bulls - August 2021

Following the ABV release from DataGene this August, the ARDB have updated their list of Australian Red bulls available from a number of AI companies. 

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Top Red Herds for BPI

Congratulations to the 30 farmers whose herds are in the Top 30 Red Herds for BPI in Australia after the August ABV run by DataGene.

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Australia's Dairy Youth Expo 2021

STGenetics Australia is running Australia's virtual online Dairy Youth Expo in 2021. 

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Australian Red Bulls - April 2021

With the April 2021 ABV release from DataGene, the ARDB have put together a list of Australian Red bulls available from a number of AI companies. 

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Blackwood Park Sale

Jan Raleigh's Blackwook Park Australian Reds to be sold on the 11th March 2021 at Mortlake Selling Centre, contact Elders for more details.

Highest LTE scores in 2020

Congratulations to the breeders of our highest LTE scores in 2020 of 2 year old cows sired by UU coded bulls.

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Excellent Classification Score in 2020

15 Aussie Red cows were classified Excellent in 2020. 

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2020 Mid Year and 2021 AGM Chairman's Report

Chairman Samuel Graham's report.

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2020 Australian Red Cow of the Year

Congratulations to the Graham Family, Nowra, NSW for breeding the 2020 winner, Beaulands Foske Birdie 4.

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National Photo Competition 2020 Results

Congratulations Andrew and Vanessa Hibberson, owners of the Champion Cow in the 2020 Photograh Competition.

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Highest Linear Trait Evaluations (LTE) in 2019

Congratulations to the Cocksedge, Hamilton and Drury Families for achieving VG 85 points during 2019 LTE classifications.  For the list of cows LTE 83 points and above here

Excellent Classification Results in 2019

Congratulations to the owners and breeders of all the EX classified cows in 2019.  For the full results here

Viking Genetic's Tasmanian On Farm Challenge 2020 Results

Congratulations to all the class winners in the Viking Genetic's Tasmanian On Farm Challenge 2020. To see the top placed results ...... click here

Viking Genetic's Victorian On Farm Challenge 2019 Results

Congratulations Greg and Kris Goulding, owner and breeders of the Champion Cow in Viking Genetic's VIC OFC 2019. For each classes top 10 results here

Top 10 Aussie Red Cows based on BPI

Congratulations to the Graham Family, owner and breeders of Beaulands Foske Lady 2 with highest ranking BPI of 348.  To view the top 10 list here

Genetics Australia's NSW RED OFC 2019 Results

Congratulations to the Crawford Family for breeding the Champion Cow.  For Top 10 here

Genetics Australia's Red Catalogue

September 2019 Edition of Available Bulls...... click here

On Farm Challenge Score Card

State On Farm Challenges NSW (October)  VIC  (October/November)  TASMANIA (January) .  Details to come here

Top 250 Aussie Red BPI Cows April 2019

Congratulation to the Hamilton Family for the top BPI cow here

Top 30 BPI Herds April 2019

Congratulations to the Hoey Family for the top BPI herd here

IRDBF Conference 2019

Please enjoy this photographic display of delegates and key here

2018 Australian Reds Year Book Now Available

To view here

Viking Genetics Victorian On Farm Challenge

Congratulations Jody Boyd, owner/breeder of 912 Tosikko daughter who was named overall champion on the Viking Genetics Victorian OFC by judge Alison Finlayson. Many superb cows were on display throughout the competition.  Full results available here

Herd Visits January 2019

You are invited to attend 2 herd visits and a presentation on profitable farming on January 17th, 2019 in Gippsland, here

Karen Moroney Appointed Chair of Murray Dairy

Congratulations to Aussie Red Member Karen Moroney, who has been appointed chair of Murray Dairy. Karen Moroney has previously been chair of the International Red Cow Club, now known as the IRDBF, and is an active participant in our committees. To find out further about this here

Genetics Australia's NSW RED OFC Results

Congratulations Allen Whatman for breeding the Champion Cow Allen Vale Blossom 16.  Top 10 here

Scholarship to attend IRDBF 2019

Australian residents between 18 -35 are encouraged to apply for a conference scholarship to attend the IRDBF 2019 in Mt Gambier.  For further here

Genetics Australia's Red Catalogue

Spring 2018 here

IRDBF Registration Brochure

"Bringing Red Breeds Together",  22nd - 29th March 2019 here

Viking Genetic's Tasmania Open Day

Invitation to Viking Genetics Field Day ...... click here

2017 Australian Reds Year Book Now Available

To view please click here.

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Viking Australia's On Farm Challenge Results: Victoria 2017

Congratulations Dave and Amanda Martin with their VIKCigar daughter, who beat 200 entries to claim the Champion here

Red Tie Dinner Invitation

Details for January 2018 Red Tie Dinner here

Viking Semen Sales

Spring 2017 Sales here

Genetics Australia's NSW RED OFC 2017 Results

Congratulations Brian and Debbie Parker, owner of the Champion cow in the 2017 On Farm Challenge NSW. Creighton Park Thelma 2134 beat 100 other entrants to gain this here

August 2017 Red Bull Proofs

Congratulations to Greg and Kris Goulding for breeding the number 1 bull, ARBScarebear, for BPI.  To view the latest Good Bull Guide for Red here

Countdown Milk Quality Awards 2017
Congratulations to the following Aussie red members who were among the top 100 suppliers: Tim Taylor, the Priebbenow and the Waltham families!  Also congratulations to some other mixed Aussie Red Herds including the Lebrocq, Griffin and Grieve Families. Job well done.
Norwegian Red Sire Catalogue

Latest bulls available from here

3 way Crossbreeding Using Reds

Flyer for Viking crossbreeding on farm testimonials, The Sisters, Victoria here

Genetics Australia's Red Newsletter

April 2017 report by John here

International Red Dairy Breed Federation Conference in Australia

Dairy Australia announced as a Gold Sponsor for 2019 IRDBF Australian Conference

International Red Dairy Breed Federation Conference in Australia

Genetics Australia has been named Platinum Sponsor here

Australian Red Yearbook

2016 Review is now here

Viking Australia's On Farm Challenge Results: Victoria 2016

Congratulations Owen Simpson who received Champion and Reserve Champion Cow sired by Ullimulli and Foske respectively .... click here

Genetics Australia RED On Farm Challenge 2016 results

Congratulations Matt & Renee Warne on receiving champion cow by judge Mike Huth here

Wanted: Aussie Red Hfrs

Due to calve in Feb/March. Would also consider Dec/Jan. Seeking Aussie Red or Aussie Red Cross heifers. Contact Tim Humphris, Longroad Aussie Reds, 0429 132 940

Genetics Australia Report


Top proven sires and new futuregen bulls following August proofs now available here

Norwegian Red Sire Catalogue

>> Click here to view the latest Norwegian Red Sire Catalogue from ABS

Sires include:

ABS partnership with Geno

ABS announced they will be the distributing company for Norwegian here

Reproduction Information Seminar

Invitation to join Viking in Melbourne on August 25th to discuss reproductive here

New Release Sires at Viking

Viking Red Sires Hel (Polled) and daughter proven Flame available for Spring here

2016 Milk Quality Awards

Congratulations to ARDB members TA Taylor and GV, JL & AG Waltham who were recognised in the 2016 Milk Quality Awards among the best 100 national herds with lowest BMCC.

Gippsland Farm Walk Itinerary Thursday July 21
9.30am     Snowdons      125 Sawyers Lane, Tyers         
10.45am   Walthams     127 Rifle Range Road, Glengarry      
12noon     Lunch at Glengarry Hall includes a presentation by Toby Leppin : Australian Dairy Farmer of the Year 2016
Please rsvp by Monday 18th for catering purposes 0422271657
International Red Dairy Conference to be held in Australia

Save the date in 2019 and enjoy this promotional video...

2016/2017 Australian Dairy Sire Catalogue

View Genetics Australia's 2016/17 Sire Catalogue for Red Breeds here

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Genetics Australia Report

Editorial on Aussie Red Bulls by John Harle May here

Australian Proof Release

April 2016 Good Bull Guide supplied by ADHIS here

Genomic Bulls

Latest Genomic Bulls at Viking now Available here


Post Conference Tour in here

Dairy Internship

Hope Hazelton is a student at Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in America, where she is majoring in Dairy Cattle Production and Management. 
Hope is to undertake an internship from early May 2016 to late July 2016 covering 10 weeks/400 hours of on-farm work. Hope presently raises Ayrshire cattle, and would like to be exposed to either Australian Ayrshires Ltd or Australian Red Dairy Breed cattle during her internship, and is seeking a family-owned operation which might be prepared to take her on for this exercise.
If you think you can help Hope Hazelton please email her at

Weekly Times Coles Dairy Farmer of the Year

Congratulations to the Leppin Family, from Bena, Victoria who were named 2015 Dairy Farmer of the Year. Earlier this year, their cow Orana 4672 was also named the 2015 Australian Red Cow of the Year.

Aussie Red Year Book

2016 Review Available Now here

New Life Members

Congratulations to Ron Graham, George and Joy Waltham who were recognised for their contributions to the Australian Red Dairy Breed at the 30 year anniversary dinner with life membership.

Victorian On Farm Challenge

Celebrating 30 years of UU sired cows. Top results by judge Erik Thompson here

Classification Optimums

Official Classification weightings and optimums for here

Vale Josephine Williams

Sadly, Josephine Williams passed away. Josephine will be greatly missed by the ARDB, and was instrumental in setting up the society. Our thoughts are with all the Williams family. The funeral will be held on 4th January, Meningie Uniting Church, South Australia at 1pm.

IRDBF 2016

Geno is hosting the 2016 International Red Dairy Breed Federation Conference in Norway 14th - 16th June...... click here

ARDB Director Nomination

Forms here

Bob Swasbrick

Sadly, Bob Swasbrick passed away on 28th November. Bob will be greatly missed by the ARDB, as he was a both a founding and life member. Our thoughts are with Pat and all the family during this time. His funeral will be held on Friday 4th December, 11am, at the Radcliffe Funeral Services, Wodonga.

Genetics Australia's Red OFC: NSW 2015

Congratulations to the Graham family for breeding the Champion cow Beaulands Lens Birdie 3, named by judge Brett here

Member Booklet

Contains information for registration and helpful contacts here

Proven Bulls

Team Leaders at Genetics here

Progeny Test Bulls

Genetics Australia's here

Classification Workshop with Holstein Australia

The next Classification Workshop with Richard Anderson will be held on 1st October in Tongala, Victoria. For further details contact Paul Cocksedge 0427 871 456

Export Heifers Required

DLS requires Aussie Red Unjoined Heifers, 280kg. Contact Lee Hamilton 0418 352366

Foske Number 1 BPI Red Bull

August ABV report on Foske from here

Genetics Australia's Latest Red Catalogue

Includes updated August 2015 breeding values here

Trip to Denmark and Sweden

October 2015 here

Holstein Australia to Provide Registration and Membership Services

Holstein Australia’s service to Aussie Red members will include web based registrations, pedigree and genetic information here

ARDB Model Cow

The ARDB Model Cow descriptive has been formulated here

Registration Eligibility and Promotion Criteria

The following Registration Eligibility and Promotion Criteria has been adopted by the here

ARDB Executive Announced

The Australian Red Dairy Breed Register Limited elected its inaugural Executive. The team includes Graeme Hamilton, Greg Goulding, Tim Humphris & Michael Riggs here

International Red Dairy Breed Federation Conference

The conference in Decorah, Iowa, USA has been cancelled.

New Norwegian Red Bulls Available

Report by John Harle here

New Progeny Test Bulls at Auzred

Latest newsletter by Steve Snowdon ..... click here

Viking Red Sexed Semen Specials

Viking Genetics Australia has limited doses of sexed R Fastrup, R Bangkok, R David, G Edbo and VR Fergus for $35 + GST per unit until sold. Contact Viking ASAP 02 6071 3007.

Genetics Australia Report

Editorial by John Harle based on April ABV's here

April 2015 Australian Breeding Values

V Foske is the top red sire with BPI 310. For report on VFoske and Viking red bulls here

International Red Dairy Breed Federation Conference

Save the date in July 2015 for the IRDBF Conference . For a brochure here

A unique opporunity to purchase Blackwood Park and Oaklands Pastoral Cattle

Cattle now sold

Viking Genetics Australia Supports ARDB

ARDB members please contact Viking reps on each order of 50 + units of Viking Red semen, to ensure the ARDB receives financial support. 

Latest Bull Photos

New Proven Graduates ARBOBAMA (Brolin x Botans) here and ARBHILLY (Vest Delta x Fyn Aks) here

Heifers for Sale in SA

In-calf heifers sired by ARBMawson, ARBLikeable, ARBRoger, ARBWolverine etc contact Jeff Wright

Aussie Red Year Book Online

Congratulations to R & B Graham, owners of Beaulands Aks Canary EX 90, who was named Australian Red Cow of the Year here

Aussie Reds daughter video

Herd of Jody Boyd with daughters sired by Mawson, Gamma, Blair, Lex, Aaron and Hilly here

Highest Classification Score

Congratulations Mike Green, SA, the owner of Bosgowan Primula 451, who recently scored EX 93 here

Claus-Peter Tordsen to Visit Australia

The ARDB is excited to announce Claus-Peter Tordsen (German Angler Society) will be our International Guest in January. If you would like him to visit your farm / herd, please contact President Graeme Hamilton asap. He will also be at the ARDB AGM and IDW.

NSW On Farm Challenge Photos

Photos of UU sired top 10 here

NSW On Farm Challenge Results

Congratulations Tom & Kyleigh Cochrane who took out Champion Cow with Kangawarra Pretty 3012 (Sire. Fyn Aks) here

Victorian On Farm Challenge Photos

Photos of cows sired by Aussie Red Bulls here

Victorian On Farm Challenge

Competition organised and results kindly supplied by Illawarra Cattle Society of Australia Victorian Branch..... click here

Top Production Cow exceeds 1000kg Fat + Protein

Congratulations G & B Tessmann, the owners and breeders of Australia's top production cow sired by an Aussie Red Bull in 2013/2014. Cow 1542 is sired by a progeny test bull here

Australian Red Cow of the Year Nominations

Nominations for Australian Red Cow of the Year due by 10th here

New Viking Sire R Harvard Available

 R HARVARD (R Ascona x Vest Sum x Emory) has a reliable proof with 146 daughters (Denmark), milk components are extremely high and udder conformation is excellent.  110 on ABV(i) +.18p% and +.38F% and is still +165 Ltr for milk.  He is a different bloodline to most other sires and his sire R Ascona was a good bull here in Australia, particularity foreudder conformation and overall type.  Harvard’s dam has a four lactation average of 10,606 litres 3.75% protein 398kg P 4.46% Fat 473kg F.  She is classified 87 and excellent 91 for udder conformation.  R Harvard will not give maximum heterosis effect for cross breeders as he is 45% Holstein genetics. His RRP is $ here

Genetics Australia's Latest Red Newsletter

September 2014 update by John Harle here

Genetics Australia's Progeny Test Bulls

If all herd recording farmers are able to support our progeny test program, we will have Australian proven bulls in the future here

ARBBOBDOWN Most Popular Bull Sire in 2014

ARBBOBDOWN retained the crown for the 2nd year running. The 5 most popular red sires of 2 year olds in 2014 demonstrate that Aussie farmers use high APR bulls to improve their herds here

August 2014 ABV Top Red Bulls

Asmo Tosikko retained the top APR of 262 in the red breeds. Congratulations to Toby & Lyn Leppin for breeding the top Australian born bull, ARBNICK..... click here  

Genetics Australia's Latest Red Newsletter

Comments by John Harle .... click here

Proven Norwegian Reds

Comment on available sires by John Harle here

Agrigene Brochure: Aussie Reds

2014 Brochure includes latest progeny test bull, Convertor (s. Tosikko) here

Latest Youtube Video

Top classified cows and LTE's at Beaulands here

April 2014 Cow ABV's

The highest ranked APR cow is owned by Mike Green, SA. Waikato Farm Clarabelle 3662 (Peterslund x ARBPatrick) with an APR 243.  The highest ranked ASI cow (ARBBobdown x ARBLex) is owned by Paul Cocksedge, VIC with an ASI of 224. To view the top APR cows (courtesy of ADHIS) .... click here

April 2014 Herd ABV's

Congratulations Ron and Brenda Graham, NSW, for the top herd average for APR (78) with 550 current cows. To view the Top 10 Aussie Red Herds (courtesy of ADHIS) ... click here

2014 ARDB Annual Awards

Congratulations Jan Raleigh, Victoria, on achieving the highest APR average across all red breed herds in Australia. Victorian farmers dominated 4 of the 5 ARDB Annual Awards in 2014 here

Aussie Red Year Book Release

Congratulations Ron & Brenda Graham, owner of Beaulands Aks Katie EX 92, who was named 2013 Australian Red Cow of the Year here

New President Graeme Hamilton

The ARDB formally thanked Michael Riggs (Qld) for his role as president at the AGM in Shepparton, and welcomed Graeme Hamilton (SA) into the role. Graeme and Michelle Hamilton run a 400 Aussie Red milking cow operation at Mt Gambier, with a stud prefix Cluain.

Lake Breeze South Australia On Farm Challenge

Results provided by the Illawarra Society. Includes a few photos of Aussie red sired cows here 

Viking Australia's Red On Farm Challenge: Tasmania 2013 Results

Congratulations Tom,Bev and son Leo Phelan who won this years Overall Champion Cow with Dalmore 975, sired by Torpane 882. As well as her outstanding conformation, this cow produced 11704 litres and 820kg f+p on her 2nd calf as a 3 year old..... click here

Aussie Red Wins Overall Champion in VIC OFC

Congratulations Greg and Kris Goulding as owners and breeders of Johnville Park Hayley 703 (s.Klens) who was named Victoria's Overall Red Champion in the On Farm Challenge. For the top 11 results of Aussie Red sired cows here

Updated A2A2 Aussie Red Bulls

Currently available from Genetics Australia ..... click here

92 Point Cow In SA

Congratulations Mike Green, South Australia, who scored his first 92 point Aussie Red Cow. Waikato Farm Primula 3628 is the 4th Aussie Red Cow to join this elite club ...... click here

LTE Nominations for Red Sires

To assist with classification, please ensure your heifers 1st calf is as close as possible to 2 years old. To view the list of nominated sires ..... click here

2012/2013 Top Production Records

Top Production Records in 305 days or less for Milk, Fat and Protein. All Cows Sired by Aussie Red here

Genetics Australia's On Farm Challenge NSW 2013 - Photos

Photos of Aussie Red cows placed in top 5 of each class here

Genetics Australia's On Farm Challenge NSW 2013 Results

Defending Champion, Beaulands Aks Katie EX 92, was named Overall Champion by Judge Sam Gordon here Now includes uploaded photos of 1st placegetter in each class

Beaulands Latest You Tube Video

Includes Genetics Australia's On Farm Challenge: NSW 2013 entries and latest bull dams .... click here

AUZRED XB Latest Brochure

Elite Progeny Test Bulls now available here

Genetics Australia's Latest Red Newsletter

Proven Bulls now available following August ABV release here

ARBBOBDOWN Most Popular Sire in 2013

ARBBOBDOWN has broken the record for a popular sire, with over 700 daughters added to his proof in the past 12 months. To view the most popular sires of new herd recorded daughters in 2013 here

Exciting New Progeny Test Bulls

Genetics Australia has photographed a selection of their 2013 Horizon Aussie Red Progeny Test Team ..... click here

Old Straws of Semen Required Urgently

If anyone has semen from older red bulls in their tanks, or knows other farmers that may, please contact Tim Humphris. These straws are required for genomic testing. For Tim's contact details and a list of some bulls of interest here

Young Farmers Travel Scholarship Report

Terry Blasche and Sam Graham report on their trip to Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland here

TOP 15 APR Cows

Congratulations to the breeders of the top 15 APR cows. Figures courtesy of ADHIS August ABV's here

Viking Australia's Latest Newsletter

August Proof run highlights and new Viking Red Sires here

Jan Raleigh Top APR Herd

Congratulations Jan Raleigh, Timboon, VIC, who owns the top APR Aussie Red herd in Australia.  Jan has 200 current cows with an average APR of 85. President Michael Riggs, Cooroy, QLD, took out the highest ASI herd, average 42, with his 224 current cows. Figures courtesy of ADHIS, August 2013.

Aussie Red Facebook Page

Thank you Shannon Blasche for setting up Australian Red Dairy Breed Facebook page. Members can add photos, stories and comments on our breed.

Viking Australia's Latest Newsletter

2 New Red Bulls in Australia here

Genetics Australia's Latest Red Newsletter

Proven Bulls here   Progeny Test Bulls here

Exciting new progeny test bulls

AUZRED XB has released its first 2 young bulls AXBCJ and AXBFONTERRA ..... click here.  For the latest AUZRED XB Aussie Red newsletter here

New Number 1 APR Bull in Australia

R David has an Australian Profit Rating (APR) of 252 and is now the highest ranked red bull in Australia here

Exciting New Graduates in April 2013 ABV Release

Highlights of ARBFROSTY include APR 165, Protein Kg + 20, Mammary 106. Highlights of ARBLONGBOW include APR 147, Protein Kg +18, Cell Count 131   Click here for his photo. For a complete data panel of Genetics Australia's Proven Team here

The latest EX 91 cow photographs

3 more recently classified cows who scored EX 91 here

Aussie Red 2012 Year Book Released

To view an online copy .... click here


Congratulations Jan Raleigh (VIC) and Tim Taylor (VIC) for breeding Australia's top red APR herds in 2012 .... click here

Aussie Red Bulls for Sale

Herd bulls working age ..... click here

Exceptional Breed Growth in Herd Recorded ARDB Cows

Following a 20% increase in 2010/11, the ARDB has recorded a further 22% growth in 2011/12. This was the highest growth of any breed. Figures supplied by ADHIS reveal more and more farmers are breeding Aussie Reds. High fertility, ease of calving, efficient convertors of grass to milk, excellent production and high APR's are probably just a few reasons why Aussie Reds are increasing in popularity here

Genetics Australia's Most Popular Red Bulls

ARBBONJOVI was the most popular bull for Semen sales in 2012 .... click here

South Australian On Farm Challenge 2012

Congratulations Graeme & Michele Hamilton for breeding the highest placed Aussie Red cow in the South Australian On Farm Challenge. To view the top placed cows  ..... click here

Viking New Year Specials

Young Genomic Tested Red Bulls Special Deal .... click here Also, Viking Red sexed semen $40

Highest ARDB Classified Cows

2 Progeny Test Bull Dams have just classified EX 92 .... click here

ARBLIPPMAN is top new graduate in 2012

Congratulations John Williams for breeding this top bull. His August 2012 APR is 194. He is now available from Genetics Australia. For more information and a colour photo .... click here

Viking Australia's Red On Farm Challenge: Tasmania 2012

Congratulations Aussie Red Members James and Alison Finlayson for breeding the Champion Cow, Red Hollow Harmony Reese. To view the top places in each age group .... click here.  Click on the following age groups to view the top 5 photos from each class.  2 year olds     3 year olds     4 year olds     5 year olds     Mature age

Victorian On Farm Challenge

Congratulations Tim & Lyndal Humphris for breeding the highest placed Aussie Red cow in the Victorian On Farm Challenge, sired by OBrolin. To view the top placed cows sired by Aussie Red bulls ..... click here 

Tasmanian farmers launch website

St Clair Farms Aussie Reds run by Matt & Andy Jackman have a new website

Photo finish

Photographs of cows sired by Aussie Red bulls that placed in the top 10 of their age group in Genetics Australia's On Farm Challenge: NSW 2012 here

Genetics Australia's Red On Farm Challenge: NSW 2012

Congratulations Ron & Brenda Graham who bred both the best uddered cow, Beaulands Lens Birdie 3 and the overall champion, Beaulands Aks Katie EX 90, dam of ARBHilly. Full results now listed .... click here 

Hamilton's Run Sale

44 Registered cows and heifers due Feb/March 2013 here  Pedigrees and production also available ... click here 

QLD On Farm Challenge 2012

Photographs of cows sired by ARDB bulls who placed in top 10 of their class courtesy of Qld Illawarras here

2011/12 Top Production Cows

Congratulations to the owners of these top ARDB cows. The top production cow for F + P was Euroma Skole Jesse, owned by Shaun Tomkins who produced over 1000kg F + P .... click here

Genetics Australia's Red Newsletter

September 2012 Report on latest ABV's by John Harle ..... click here

Agromek Exhibition and Viking Open Days

Invitation to Agromek, Denmark, on 26th - 30th Novemer 2012 here 

Field Report- Progeny Test Bulls

Steve Snowdon, Field Officer, reports on Genetics Australia's progeny test bull families .... click here

TOP 25 Herd Average ABVs

Congratulations to the owners of the Top Aussie Red Herds based on APR. Statistics supplied by ADHIS Pty Ltd .... click here

ADHIS PTY LTD August 2012 ABVs for Aussie Reds

Congratulations to the breeders of the top Aussie Red ABV cows for APR ..... click here

Professional Photos of highly classified ARDB cows

The ARDB is rewarding members $200 for professional photographs of cows who classify EX 91 or above and heifers who LTE 86 points or above. Mich Riggs is the first member to receive this reward for Loden Kikobo 1938 EX 91. For more information ..... click here

2012 ARDB Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Terry Blasche who received the 2012 Young Farmers Travel Scholarship .... click here

Skole Daughter Produces 1000kg F + P

Euroma Jesse owned by Sean Tomkins ..... click here

NOANDI Herd Sale

An opportunity to purchase an Aussie Red Herd in the Western Districts, Victoria .... click here 

Fairy Vale 312 Francis EX 91

Congratulations to Northern NSW Breeders, the Blasche family of Casino, for breeding this excellent cow .... click here

Genetics Australia's Red Newsletter

Editorial by John Harle, July 2012 .... click here

Most Popular Daughter Sires in 2012

ARBBLAIR has been the most popular sire of new milking daughters over the past 2 years, with 618 daughters added to his proof. To view the top 10 popular red sires in Australia..... click here

New Progeny Test Bull Released at Agrigene

LIONRED has been bred by Mike Green, Waikato Farms, after he purchased Bosgowan Primula 278 EX 91 from John Williams. Primula 278 is now 14 years old and still calves every year with excellent production. Her first son in AI is ARBBONJOVI and he is the current No. 1 APR Red Bull. The Sire of LIONRED is A LINNE who is the highest rated red bull for mammary in here

ADHIS PTY LTD April 2012 ABVs for Aussie Reds

Congratulations to the breeders of the top Aussie Red ABV cows for APR .... click here

Aussie Red Semen Exported to South America

ALTA Genetics has exported units of KATIESKALE to Chile and Uruguay ... click here

Super longevity in top Aussie Reds

The dams of top APR bulls ARBBONJOVI and ARBLIPPMAN are still going strong .... click here

Aussie Red Yearlings for Sale

Orana, located in Gippsland, is offering 10 heifers for sale .... click here

Jan Raleigh's Story

Congratulations to Jan Raleigh, the owner of the ARDB's highest APR herd, for sharing her story in "Women of the Land" which was listed in this weeks Top 10 Best Seller .... click here

Viking Genetics Red Newsletter

Report on April 2012 proofs ..... click here

Genetics Australia's Red Newsletter

Top 4 Aussie Red Bulls in April ABV's by John Harle .... click here For a photo of new graduate ARBLIPPMAN daughter here

Auzred XB are Online

The ARDB is proud to partner AUZRED XB which promotes Aussie Reds in their Quantum Leap three-breed rotation for Crossbreeding. For more information and Specials on Aussie Red Semen here

Red Sires Available through ABS

Summary .... click here Proven German Angler ... click here and High Genetic Merit German Angler .... click here


Congratulations to John and Monica Williams, Bosgowan, who bred ARBBONJOVI, Australia's current highest APR red bull. His April 2012 proof improved to +216. John and Monica also bred ARBLIPPMAN whose proof has improved to +190. More details at

IRCC Conference 2012 Cancellation

Announcement from IRCC Executive Officer Karen Moroney .... click here

Aussie Red Year Book

2011 Year Book click here  To receive a complimentary printed copy email your address to (Australian Residents Only)

ARDB Young Members Travel Scholarship

For further details click here or for an application form click here

Genetic Progress In ARDB Cattle

Figures provided by ADHIS ..... click here


Congratulations to everyone who received an award presented on January 14th 2012, Red Tie Dinner, Moama .... click here 

2011 President's Report

Written by Michael Riggs .... click here

Aussie Reds on Youtube

Beaulands Video viewed at ....

2011 Popular GA Red Bulls

ARBBOBDOWN, ARBBONJOVI & ARBLEX are also at a bargain price of $24 in IDW specials .... click here

Lars Magnus Visit

Magnus comes from the Torpane herd in Sweden .... click here

Hamilton's Run Sale SOLD

21 ARDB Cows due March 2012 SOLD ..... click here

Viking Genetics Popular Bulls

2011's Most Popular Red Bulls ..... click here

Genetics Australia's Red OFC: NSW 2011 PHOTOS

Photos of daughters sired by Aussie Red bulls .... click here

Genetics Australia's Red OFC: NSW 2011 RESULTS

Champion Kangawarra Pretty 2612 (Sire ARBRALPH) and Reserve Beaulands Aks Birdie 8 (Sire FYNAKS) win inaugural OFC ..... click here

ARDB Annual Awards Encourage Genetic Growth

Thankyou Genetics Australia and Viking Genetics Australia for supporting these awards .... click here

November 2011 Aussie Red Field Report

Sexed Semen for Aussie Reds is now available .... click here

A2A2 Aussie Red Bulls

Most bulls currently available at Genetics Australia .... click here 

Aussie Reds at Spring Fair

Beaulands Aks Birdie 8 shines ..... click here

Genetic Components of UU Bulls

A guide of Holstein and Brown Swiss %'s in UU Bulls .... click here

New Top Production Records - late entries from Mike Green

The National Aussie Red Top Production Records for 2010/2011 here

Viking's Red Newsletter

Viking Report September 2011 by Erik Thompson ... click here

Top APR Aussie Red Herd and Cows

Congratulations Jan Raleigh, Victoria, who owns the top APR herd in Australia. Jan's 188 cows averaged APR 79, ASI 39, Milk +70, Fat +0.06%, +7kg, Protein +0.05%, +5kg. To view August 2011's top 14 APR cows in Australia, table courtesy of ADHIS  .... click here

Aussie Red Field Report

September 2011 by Steve Snowdon .... click here

Genetics Australia's Red Newsletter

September 2011 report by John Harle  ... click here

Alta Begins Progeny Testing Aussie Reds

BEIJING and KALE have joined the ALTA Progeny Test Team .... click here

Semex Progeny Test Bull

Beaulands Eden ET has joined the Semex Progeny Test Team .... click here

ARBLEX is top APR Graduate in August 2011

ARBLEX has joined the Aussie Red Proven Elite Sires at Genetics Australia. His APR is 197. Other highlights include Overall type 118, Overall Mammary System 108, Survival 107, Daughter Fertility 103 and Likeability 104 .... click here

Elite Cow Awards

The ARDB is proud to annouce the introduction of Elite Cow Awards .... click here

New Aussie Red Confirmation Optimums and Weightings for Classification

Written by ARDB Classification Committee Convenor Steve Snowdon ... click here

Corrective mating guide for Viking Reds

Recommended matings from Scandanavian classifiers Thure and Eva .... click here

Progeny Testing Aussie Red Bulls

Looking for cows and bulls to breed progeny test bulls from by John Harle.... click here

Viking Genetics Australia supports ARDB

The first newsletter from Viking Genetics Australia .... click here

Agrigene begins progeny testing Aussie Reds

To view the first Aussie Red progeny test bull, Meeson, at agrigene ... click here

President's Report 2010

 2010 President's report by Steve Snowdon.... click here

2012 IRCC Details

To view the first details about the International Red Cow Conference 2012 .... click here

2010 Popular GA Red Bulls

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2010 Popular Ausred Bulls

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